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Your Opinion Counts!


Opinion Panel is a group of consumers in the greater Toledo area who are interested in participating in market research studies from time to time.  These research studies involve focus groups, product testing at home or at our office, telephone, mail or Internet surveys, and many other types of marketing research studies involving consumers.  All information about study respondents remains confidential.  Those on the Opinion Panel are NEVER asked to buy anything and they receive cash or products for their time and help.  Payment varies with each study.


You will be added to our Opinion Panel once we receive your information form.  You may include information from other members of your household, including your children, if they would also be interested in participating in market research studies.  When you meet the qualifications of a particular study, we may call you to participate.  At that time, you are free to accept or reject your participation in that particular study.


Your opinions count when it comes to making or improving products and services for the market place. 


To join Great Lakes Marketing Opinion Panel today, fill out the form.  Be sure to tell your friends that they can share their opinion and get paid!  You have permission to print the form and share it with friends.  Completed paper forms can be mailed to Great Lakes Marketing, 3103 Executive Pkwy, Ste 106, Toledo, OH 43606-1311.





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